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Emotion Coaching Parent Group 9.27.18-12.6.18 Parent Community

Please join the 12 week Emotion Coaching Parent Group!


How much time do we spend learning new skills for our job, and how important is it for us that our kids receive the best of us? Let's take some time out of our busy schedules to learn about and to discuss the concepts from one of the most influential psychologists of our time, about children's emotion coaching.

We'll be a small supportive learning group of parents and we'll meet, discuss relevant articles, talk about individual parenting situations, learn new tools and strategies from each week's theme, and create individualized action plans for each family to explore. The group will be guided by Dr. Julie and John Gottman's Emotion Coaching work and the combined wisdom of the groups' shared knowledge.    

1-6 Weekly Topics: Participants will receive a workbook 

Week 1: Research Behind Emotion Coaching: Why is Emotion Coaching Important? What are Meta-Emotions

Week 2: How to Be an Emotion Coach: Parenting Behaviors to Avoid and Practice / Family Mission Statement Project

Week 3: Barriers to Effective Emotion Coaching: The Parental Agenda, Flooding, & Antidote to Flooding 

Week 4: Five Steps of Emotion Coaching 

Week 5: Steps to Help Challenging Children: The Coercive Cycle, Explosive Children, Implosive Children

Week 6-12: Next Steps & Resources: Topics determined by Interests of the Group

6-12 Weekly Topics will be determined by the collective interests of the group

Where: 2417 Oakenshield Rd Davis 95616

When: Thursday  evenings from 7-9pm (Sept. 27th-Dec. 6th, excluding Thanksgiving, Nov. 22nd)

Price: $360 for 12 weeks for couples and/or individuals 


If you are interested but these dates don't work for you, please contact me. There is another group, with times tba.


Rachel Hilbert



"...We are the ones we have been waiting for."

                                                       -The Hopi Elders                    



Relationships make-up our world.  Everything that we do revolves around our relationships with ourselves and with each other. A happy life means that our relationships are harmonious, balanced and fulfilling.


The good news is that healthy relationship skills can be learned and that the meaningfulness of relationships can be nurtured. I offer ways to do both.

One way

finding and maintaining loving relationships,

and another way

collectively celebrating rights of passage

The secret in making our relationships with others flourish consists in being firmly rooted within ourselves. We take time for so many things in life, but how much time do we take to reflect and learn about what is meaningful to us? I provide well-working and well-tested guides to bring this to light. Deepening the relationship with ourselves provides the basis on which healthy relationships can flourish. It allows us to be: 

Rooted to Rise!